Shake your lambdas with Haskell and Kinect

A new version of the game Haskanoid, with Kinect support, has just been made available.

This version also includes the following changes:

  • Wiimote and Kinect can be disabled during compilation, using the cabal flags ‘wiimote’ and ‘kinect’ respectively.

  • Resources are installed together with the game and fetched from those locations, using Haskell’ s standard Paths module generation.

Screenshot of Yampa Breakout with SDL2 on Android

Official announcement:

This is a simpler version of a Haskell game that we are writing for Android. Haskanoid is written using the Functional Reactive Programming DSL Yampa, and uses SDL 1.2 for graphics. Haskanoid is just one of any Haskell games being currently developed. A version of this game is now being beta tested on Android. And yes, you can play it with a drone (this is a LQ video; a better one will be published by the end of the week).

If you have a kinect available, it’s highly recommended that you try the game. It’s fun to play, you really have to run to get the paddle all the way to the sides! Also, you can always tweak the code to make the ball go faster if you want.

We publish regular updates on our Facebook page and Twitter account. We would be very grateful if you could help by following us on social networks. This helps you and your friends be aware of our progress and hopefully bring more people into the Haskell community.

Some people are being very generous and giving us micro-donations (so far, via Flattr; there’s a button right below). Donations will be used exclusively to make real Haskell games for multiple platforms, including Android. If you can donate something, by any method, it will be very appreciated.