More Haskell games, graphic adventure engine, running on Android

We are extremely happy to announce that we now have several Haskell games working on Android, including our Graphic Adventure engine. Also, we have just begun beta-testing one of the games with real users via Google Play (aka. the Android Market).

The first game is a breakout-like game that we already talked about. It is written in the Haskell Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) Domain Specific Language (DSL) Yampa. It uses SDL2 for graphics, and can be controlled using a Wiimote and a Kinect. A simpler, open-source version is available here. Currently, the game is running at over 700FPS on desktop and 60FPS on Android (the screen refresh rate).

Screenshot of Yampa Breakout with SDL2 on Android

A breakout game in Haskell that uses the Wiimote & Kinect (Desktop) and also runs on Android

The second game is a small board game that we put together for the FP Days in less than 400 lines of code. It is also implemented using the FRP DSL Yampa. It’s a variant of the traditional Lights Out. This game is now uploaded to the market and available to beta testers (follow this link for instructions on how to become a tester). We are using this very simple game to test Haskell across the wide range of Android hardware.

A board game written in Haskell, available for Android on Google Play (only for beta-testers a.t.m.)

A board game written in Haskell, available for Android on Google Play (only for beta-testers at the moment)

Finally, we are delighted to announce that our Graphic Adventure Game Engine finally works on Android, which means that the public release of GALE Studio IDE will have full Android support.

GALE Graphic Adventure Engine running on Android

GALE Graphic Adventure Engine running on Android (Individual sprites (c) Lucasarts; used internally for testing purposes only.)

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