Magic Cookies! released for iOS

After a few weeks adapting testing, and preparing the game for iPhone and iPad, we have released our Haskell game Magic Cookies for iOS on the Appstore. You can also find the Android version here. We hope that you like it and have fun solving all 60 levels.

We hope that you continue supporting our adventure of creating real Haskell apps and games. Although our game looks simple, it has required an enormous amount of work. We started creating Haskell mobile games when nobody thought it would be possible. On the way, we have had to create compilation, deployment and debugging tools to make the development process smooth. We and many others in the Haskell community have spent many nights up in order to make this possible. We hope that, with your help, we can create new games and support the multimedia and mobile Haskell in the long term.

Thanks for playing and have fun!