Magic Cookies 2 - Privacy Policy

Who We are

We are Keera Studios Ltd (Keera Studios, Keera, We, Us). We take protecting your personal information very seriously. We are a company registered in England with company number 08598985 and registered address at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU. We are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

What is this Privacy Policy for?

This privacy policy is for the game Magic Cookies 2 sold by Keera Studios Ltd via iTunes, and Google Play for Android.

The policy sets out the different areas where user privacy is concerned. Furthermore, the way that our game processes, stores and protects user data and information is detailed within this policy.

Information Our game transmits about You

Magic Cookies 2 is a safe2play application and, as such, it does not collect, store, request or share any personal user data, including social network handles, private information or personally identifiable information. This game does not need any permissions to run, including permission to access the internet. Our application does not share any information about You or Your use of the game with Us. This application also does not sell any in-app assets.

If in doubt about what our game may do, please verify the permissions granted to the application during installation (there should be no permissions requested).

Information Our game stores about You

Our game stores a minimal amount of information on your device for the purposes of facilitating its use. For example, when You close our game, the last level that You were able to play will be stored in your local preferences or a similar system provided by your phone manufacturer. This information is not transferred to Us, although your phone manufacturer may opt to synchronize it with their severs if You have enabled synchronization settings on your device. We take every measure reasonable to store this information in a private area, and not let any unauthorized apps access it. Nevertheless, this information is limited to application settings, and does not contain personally identifiable information. Our apps do not ask You for sensitive information.

If in doubt about what our game may do, please verify the permissions granted to the application during installation (there should be no permissions requested).

Information stores share about You

When You purchase our game on an online store, the store provider shares a limited amount of data about You with Us. For example, for every unit of every app sold, We can see the date, time, state and country of purchase, currency used, and whether the operation was denied. We get aggregate data about the number of installs in each country, broken down by OS version, phone provider, and other information. On its own, and especially if the number of downloads/sales is high, this information alone is not enough to identify a specific user. Nevertheless, it may be possible to identify your specific purchase and obtain further details when You submit a bug report to Us.

If You choose to leave a rating about our game, the store will share that rating with Us, as well as publicly, including your picture and your comment, if any. We reserve the right to use your quote on Our website and/or promotional material.

If in doubt about what information stores share about You, please consult the privacy policy of the store You are using to purchase our game.

Information You share about You

You can contact Keera Studios Ltd with support requests or bug reports, via the mechanisms provided by your phone/device manufacturer, via github, or via email. If possible, We request that You minimize the amount of information sent to Us to only that strictly necessary to identify the bug (e.g., a description of the bug or how You made it happen).

When You send a bug report using your device’s built-in function, the report contains information that the application outputs in a debugging log, and include the user’s model, plus other information that your phone may be automatically printing to the debug log and could be used to identify You. We only access that information if You voluntarily decide to submit it to Us if the application malfunctions, and only use it for the purposes of trying to fix the bug that lead to that malfunction. That information is not used to sell You any products, nor is it sold to any other company. Our applications do not try to obtain any personal information during execution to try to identify You, and they do not try to communicate this information back to Us in any form.

When You send Us a bug report, we keep a copy of the communication and the report in order to evaluate the issue. If You choose to contact Us via email, we will keep a copy of the email. Your email will be processed by Our email provider and stored in their servers (see below the section Service Providers). Your email address is not shared with anyone other than our service providers, employees and contractors, and it is only stored for the purposes of processing Your support request and communicating with You. You can contact Us to request to know what information we have on You, as well as to request that We erase any personal information we hold about You (except where we are legally required to keep it). If You choose to contact us via Github, You are in control of the information You share, and You are always allowed to remove such information. If in doubt about what information Github stores about You, please consult Github’s privacy policy.

Other interactions

Please consult our general privacy policy for information on our website, and other interactions with Keera Studios Ltd outside of our app.

Service providers

The following is a non-exhaustive list of our service providers We use. Depending on the services that We obtain from the companies below, different confidential data may be shared with them.

  • Apple Inc.

  • Gitlab Inc.

  • Google Inc.

  • Microsoft Inc (Github).

  • (OLTO AB).

  • Time4VPS.

Due to some of these service providers functioning in multiple continents, information may be transferred internationally. We generally opt for EU or USA providers, with a general preference for the former due to imposing stronger privacy protection rules.

If You wish to obtain information regarding which companies may have access to the personal data We hold on You, please contact Us.

Contacting Us

If You wish to know what information We hold on You or would like to request that it is erased from our systems or those of our service providers, please contact us at

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