Who we are

Keera Studios is the world leader in mobile Haskell game and app development. We touch people’s lives in novel, creative, fun ways, and we use Haskell to do so. Our goal is simple: to challenge the world of programming with Haskell, and to challenge Haskell with the real world.

Current members

Alberto Perez

Alberto Perez is the manager of Keera Studios. He oversees the company, communicates with stock owners, represents Keera™, and sets the company’s goals and main course.

Diego Carrasco

Diego is an business administration graduate, and in charge of assisting with accounting and the business operation of Keera Studios. You can check his linkedin here.

Alexander Pavlenko

Alex is a Haskell developer interested in functional programming, dependent types and embedded hardware. He currently maintains backend tools, Andronaut and CuriOSity, and does website maintenance and game development.

Fass Castro

Fass is our incredibly talented lead designer. Fass has created the assets for Magic Cookies, Enpuzzled and some of our clients’ web applications. Check out Fass’ blog here.

Past members

Christina Zeller

Christina was a Haskell game developer and crafter of all things game at Keera Studios. She worked on creating new games, maintaining the existing game libraries, and promoting Keera publicly, until April 2020.

Dr. Ivan Perez

Ivan Perez was the founder of Keera Studios, leading development and research at Keera from 2011 (initially as freelancer, trading as Keera Studios), through Keera’s incorporation in 2013, until 2017. An experienced developer, Haskell programmer and a researcher passionate about Functional Programming and making fun programs and games. Ivan created the key infrastructure of Keera Studios, including our original game engines, IDEs, mobile Haskell compilation tools and multiple games. You can check out Ivan’s CV and list of projects here, and his github profile here.

Dr. Alfonso García

An entrepreneur at heart, Alfonso was one of the driving forces behind cubilabs.com from 2013-2015 (Cubilabs.com was absorbed by Keera Studios in 2015 and its business line incorporated into Keera Studios’). Alfonso is the CEO and Founder of Yotako.io, an award-winning web app to create functional GUIs from hand-drawn mock-ups.

Ruben Dominguez

A talented, creative musician and artist, he wrote the script of what will be our first game created with Keera Gale Studio, and drafted the first characters. Currently, he teaches music and is a drummer with Broken Peach.

Jorge Diaz

Jorge was the game designer with Keera and the mind behind some of the game features in Haskanoid 2 and Escape. A musician, video-content producer, game-designer, ex-military, motorcycle rider, Jorge’s career and project list is too long to be described in a single paragraph. You can check out his new venture at Dragon Fly SL.