Who we are

Keera Studios is the world leader in mobile Haskell game and app development. We touch people’s lives in novel, creative, fun ways, and we use Haskell to do so. Our goal is simple: to challenge the world of programming with Haskell, and to challenge Haskell with the real world.

Current members

Diego Carrasco

Diego is an business administration graduate, and in charge of accounting and business operation of Keera Studios.

Alberto Perez

Alberto Perez is the managing director of Keera Studios. He oversees the company, represents Keera™, and sets the company’s goals and main course.

Alexander Pavlenko

Alex is a developer interested in functional programming, dependent types and embedded hardware. He currently develops games, and maintains backend tools, Andronaut and CuriOSity.

Fass Castro

Fass is our incredibly talented lead designer. Fass has created the assets for Magic Cookies, Enpuzzled and some of our clients’ web applications. Check out Fass’ blog here.